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Posted on 21 January, 2017 at 23:55

You might think that this is the time that you can relax on your skin care routine after years of care, but that is not the case! Now, more then ever you need to care for your skin. You might find that years of incorrect product use and choice, poor diet or sedentary lifestyle are finally catching up with you.

It is common to find sensitivity appear due to incorrect product use and incorrect care for the skin. Hormones can still be a factor with the skin appearing excessively dry or deep lumps still occurring.

The characteristics of 50’ s skin:

• Lines are deeper

• Loss of firmness and sagging skin is evident

• Pigmentation

• Sun damage

• Broken capillaries

• Enlarged pores

• Thinning top lip due to loss of collagen

• Excess skin around eye area / folds due to loss of elasticity

• Diffused redness on cheeks and nose area

• Dry / Flakey skin

• Deep hormonal lumps

How to care for 50’ s skin:

• Keep up the cleansing, moisturizing and good home care

• Boost EFA’s (essential fatty acids) for healthy skin

• Boost the collagen

• Monitor your diet to include a healthy balanced variety and exercise

• Antioxidants in skin care are a must!

• Serums morning and night are vital

• Regular salon treatments

• Products with Retinols (Vitamin A)

• Cut out the sugar and increase the greens in your diet

• Keep up the water intake

• Take multivitamins

Product recommendations:

• Renew or Karma Cleanser – dependent on skin type

• Eye Restore Serum

• Skin Hydrating Toner

• Moisturizer

• Daily Protector Moisturizer

• Skin Renew Serum or Absolute A & E, Absolute C, Absolute B3 Serum

• Mask – Dual Treatment or Nightshift recovery

• Face & Body Polishing Cream

• Absolute C Cream

• Active Night Repair

• IntenC Serum

• Essential Restore Serum

Professional Treatment recommendations:

• Rejuvenate Facial

• Refresh Facial

• Skin Renew Tissue Mask

• Vitamin C Infusion Mask

• Dermal Needling

• Brush Machine

• Peels

• Microdermabrasion

• Ultrasonic


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