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Posted on 17 January, 2017 at 0:15

While you are in your 20’s, the last thing you are thinking about is ageing skin! But this is the perfect time to start the anti – ageing journey and ensure you still look amazing when you are older, without the need for cosmetic surgery or enhancements.

These years can be filled with a busy and social lifestyle and you might think sleeping in your make up here or there wont hurt, or that living on soft drinks and energy drinks to keep you up all day after a late night is the best option, these actions can be far more damaging to your skin then you can imagine.

Sleeping in your make up can lead to congested skin and breakouts. Likewise, your diet will have a major impact on your skin. Sugar can actually break down healthy skin cells and it is during these years that what you do to your body and skin will become evident in the next decade.

Hormones are still changing within the body and can result in adult acne, which can be terrible if you always had great skin as a teenager.

So do your future self a favor and look after the skin your in! You only have one skin, so make it a beautiful and comfortable one.

The characteristics of 20’ s skin:

• Slight to moderate oil shine T – Zone

• Breakouts may appear, even if you were not prone during your teenage years.

• Dehydrated may appear and show some fine lines around eyes and forehead

• Pigmentation will start to appear during the mid to late twenties

• Post inflammatory scarring

How to care for 20’ s skin:

• Double cleanse at night & one cleanse in the morning

• Introduce ant – ageing products

• Incorporate Vitamin C to start to treat pigmentation as it is starting to appear

• Vitamin A will be great to turn over the skin cells faster

• Always have your skin reviewed each season to ensure that you are using the correct products for your skin

• If you do have a breakout – DON’T PICK or DO YOUR OWN EXTRACTIONS. This can lead to further infection and breakouts and lead to scarring.

• Prevention is the best form of cure! Always use an SPF to prevent pigmentation from occurring. Pigmentation is one of the hardest skin concerns to treat and can result in time consuming and money consuming treatments and products.

• Get enough sleep and reduce stress. These 2 factors can wreck havoc on the skin in the short and long term.

• Keep up the regular exfoliation. You cant shrink your pores back down, but you can help to keep them looking refined with regular exfoliation.

• Use a mask! It might be tempting to skip this step in your skin care routine, but this can be a product that can give you maximum results in the immediate and future.

• Always look after the fine delicate skin around the eye area. The younger you start using an eye cream, the longer you will see the results for. The skin around the eyes is the first place to show signs of ageing and lines, so working on this area daily will pay off when you are older. So save $ on Botox down the track and invest in a great eye cream.

Product recommendations:

• Renew or Karma Cleanser – dependent on skin type

• Eye Restore Serum

• Skin Hydrating Toner

• Moisturizer

• Daily Protector Moisturizer

• Skin Renew Serum or Absolute A & E, Absolute C, Absolute B3 Serum

• Mask

• Face & Body Polishing Cream

Professional Treatment recommendations:

• Rejuvenate Facial

• Refresh Facial

• Skin Renew Tissue Mask

• Vitamin C Infusion Mask

• Dermal Needling

• Brush Machine

• Peels

• Microdermabrasion

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