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Spray Tan

Spray Tans will last on average for 7 - 10 days.  The best way to extend the life of your Spray Tan is with correct preparation and after care.

What to wear for your tan:

Disposable G - Strings are available.  You may also wear swimmers or underwear.  Black is advisable.  The less you wear, the more you tan!  The choice is whatever you feel most comfortable in.

What to wear after your tan:

Loose fitting dark clothing.  Any friction from tight clothing may affect the overall finish of the spray tan.  Any excess bronzer will wash off clothes.  

To improve the overall appearance of your spray tan, follow the points below:

Spray Tan Pre Care

  • Always start with a fresh base! Remove all residue of any old spray tan before your next tan.
  • Exfoliate the day prior to your tan.  Paying particular attention to dry skin areas such as elbows, knees, feet and ankles and any other excess dry areas you may have.
  • It is recommended to use a tan exfoliating mitt the day of the tan and a body exfoliator the day before.
  • Shower  before your tan to remove any oils, deodorants and perfumes.  These can act as a barrier to the tan and prevent an even application.  Allow enough time after the shower for your skin to cool down and avoid perspiration.  
  • Do not moisturise before your tan. 
  • Waxing and Shaving should be done 24 hours before.
  • Remove all jewellery, make up, deodorant and clothing.  

    Spray Tan Post Care

      • Shower after the desired tan activation time.  Use only body washes that are SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) Free.  Pat dry to avoid premature fading of the tan.
      • It is normal for the excess bronzer to wash off in the first shower after the tan is applied. 
      • Avoid chlorine, excessively hot baths / showers.  Avoid any activity that may cause perspiration before tan has activated.   
      • Moisturise well after each shower.  Start moisturising the day after the tan.
      • It is recommended that a tan extender is used. This will help to extend the life of your spray tan.  Use every second day is advisable.
      • Do not exfoliate until the spray tan is starting to fade and you wish to remove it. 
      • Avoid using products with AHA's (Alpha Hydroxy Acids).  These will cause premature fading of your spray tan.

              Patch tests are available for first time tanners if requested.  As all products used are professional quality with organic ingredients, they are suitable for all skin types.


              Peels are suitable for most skin types.  They are ideal for the following skin conditions: Acne, Congestion, Pigmentation, Uneven skin tone, dull and lacklustre skin.  Tingling sensations during the treatment is normal.  Some skins may notice flaking afterwards, which is a normal reaction.  

              The best results from a peel is from receiving a course of peels of 6 - 8 treatments at 7 - 10 day intervals.  Maintenance can be achieved with monthly treatments.  

              Peel Pre Care

              • Skin Renew Cleanser, Skin Karma Hydration Toner and Face & Body Polishing Cream should be used for a minimum of 2 weeks prior.
              • Daily Protector Moisturiser should be used prior, during and after a peel treatment
              • One week prior to peels - discontinue use of Retin - A, Retinol, Retinyl Palmitate.
              • NO Facial waxing 48 hours before or after a peel.

              Peel Post Care

              • Skin may appear slightly pink and tight after treatment
              • Avoid swimming and overheating the skin for 24 hours after treatment
              • Use Daily Protector Moisturiser daily
              • Discontinue use of active ingredients and products for 2 - 4 days after peel.  This includes physical exfoliants / scrubs, AHA's / BHA's, Vitamin A, Vitamin C.

                  Dermal Needling

                  Dermal Needle Pre Care

                  Dermal Needling is a corrective treatment.  It is normal to experience some redness and warming to the skin for a period of time afterwards.  To help deliver the best outcome for your skin, please follow the below prior to your treatment.

                  • Always plan your appointment time. Your skin will be red afterwards & it is best to NOT apply make up for 24 hours afterwards.
                  • Follow the correct home care recommendations.  To maximise the results from your treatment, use serums at home in the lead up and after the treatment.
                  • Follow the correct home care recommendations.  To maximise the results from your treatment, use serums at home in the lead up and after the treatment.
                  • Always check with your therapist if your skin is suitable for needling.  If you are on any medication that affects the skin, or have a medical condition, this can alter the outcome of the treatment. and may present a contraindication.

                  Dermal Needle Post Care

                  • Do not use any products that contain AHA's or BHA's for 24 hours.
                  • Use hydrating and nourishing products 24 hours after treatment.
                  • Always wear Ultraderm Daily Moisture Protection SPF daily.
                  • Do not apply make up for 24 hours after the treatment.
                  • Use corrective products such as serums, boosters and masks to continue the treatment results at home.  
                  • Avoid touching the skin for 24 hours.
                  • Avoid swimming, spas, saunas, beaches for 24 hours.
                  • Keep the skin cool and clean for 24 hours.
                  • Use a fresh cleansing chamois to cleanse the face, dry with a clean towel & sleep on a clean pillow case.